miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011


do u like gardening? i do. comment telling meh so that i seee if ill post posts about that

do u like...

which school do you like most? vote now on the new poll!!


omg theres a napkin in w101?? coooool!!

meeting ashley fairyfriend!!

today i've met ashley fairyfriend from a great blog, ashleys tips and pips!! (ashleystipsandpips.blogspot.com) shes a funny wiz, and a great friend. if you met her, you would instantly like her!!

new pets in the spiral

ki decided to make new pets for lvl 58! they're judgement, forest lord, wyvern, phoenix, scarecrow, kraken and humongofrog.

introducing myself

hi im an ice wizard and my hobby is defeating the pylon bosses. i like decorating my massive fantasy palace too. ive got 38 friends right now, im very friendly. bye and have fun reading my blog